This project has been a labour of love for a number of Rotarians young and old, keen to promote our positive message, whilst updating the public image of Rotary in Australia and simplifying processes.  Being part of this wonderful organisation means biannual DG changes, requiring a succession plan that includes solid foundations and tools for growth and retention. It's a big responsibility - and not easy, which is where this project comes in.

This project is about you, for you.  We believe we have found a way for Rotary Clubs and Districts around Australia to streamline their communications and handovers, share resources to save valuable time and money, whilst allowing for easy membership management that protects local culture.

All of the research and discussion around a new and unified platform option, comes from our members as well as experts in the online space, web design and member communications.
This solution may not be for everyone, and that's ok.  Being part of Rotary means the freedom to make decisions at a local level.  But we do hope you will join us in a united attempt to reinvigorate the membership, and make an enticing offering for the next generations.

Key Benefits:


Template and design provided Clubs and Districts no longer have to worry about designing their website or newsletter.  You can customise them with your local images, copy and projects, but the fonts and colours will always adhere to the official Rotary brand guidelines.

Easy to recognise and easy to manage.

iVvy an internationally renowned company who provide a one stop solution for all of our needs, at the most competitive price on the market just for us.

Transition team:

We have an expert leading the team, who also happens to be a Rotarian.  Having built over 1,000 websites, Stephen Los' goal is to see his generation become more active in Rotary, by properly utilising the digital space.

24hour Support:

  An iVvy staff of 85 people and dedicated Rotary volunteers will be on hand to help all Clubs and Districts with the transition.  iVvy is based on the Gold Coast, providing local assistance, and Rotary will have remote teams around Australia to help with any questions you might have.

Cost effective How many hours are spent on building new sites, managing and updating new systems, training people, doing handovers and buying add-ons for different services? This is not just about saving dollars, but saving volunteer's time.