Letter from a Rotarian

Posted by Stuart McArthur on 3 July 2018
Letter from a Rotarian
Expressing the heart and soul of your Rotary Club is I believe what every club tries to achieve when they design a new website and the extent to which the Rotary Club of Southbank has been able to take the current Rotary DCS platform "out of the box" and populate it with all the best news and events of our club and district has been nothing short of exceptional.

For years, I have always thought of our club as an innovative club at the forefront of Rotary websites in Australia. But combine my own experience with the ease of use and capability of the system currently being offered; the opportunity to communicate who and what we are was not only a breeze, but extremely powerful in its reach.

Rotary DCS has allowed me with "practically" no hand holding, no back and forth emails, no huge wishlists, etc,. to populate our content, apply SEO principles (Search Engine Optimisation), create events and bookings, create multiple categories of blogs, individually customise the home page banner & menu, select from multiple webpage themes, create a newsletter with templates that already exist and more.

Sure the beginner will take more time to get their head around the system, learn the way the system works and most importantly tailor the system to their community and their needs.

And that is where I'll be there to support the early adopters to bring their sites to the fore and help build a partnership where Rotarians can celebrate not only what brings us all together as Rotarians, but what makes each and every Rotarian and each every club an individual force for change in their community.

And behind all that are the team at iVvy who will continue to enhance the system with the improvements that will take the system from exceptional to world changing.

Revisions from the Millennial Committee

Posted on 17 January 2018
Revisions from the Millennial Committee
Based on feedback from the Millennial Committee, the revised concepts for the Rotary Australia Page, Rotary Club and Rotary Districts were presented by Ellissa from her designer.

These changes include:

  • re-ordered the flow of content based on the feedback from Millennial Committee so it tells a story 
  • Header has been changed with text centred over image above banner image is small description about Rotary, the club meet up details or the scope of the District coverage.
  • Clubs and Districts will have capacity to add in their own images/projects under 'Our actions' on the home page
  • Clubs and Districts will have capacity to manage their own events and news sections on home page.
  • Club and District details at the bottom of page will come from API to Rotary Data source.
  • Testimonials can be modified to profile local club members.
  • Logos can reflect partnerships and sponsorships relating to the specific club/district.

What does success look like?

Posted on 6 December 2017
What does success look like?
  • Increasing the membership base and engagement of new and younger Members of Rotary.
  • Offering an 'aspirational' brand for millennials to want to join.
  • Providing altruistically motivated new Members a simple and easy path to join Rotary and start doing good in the world immediately.
  • Creating one digital doorway to the breadth, unity and significance of Rotary across Australia, while also providing multiple entrances through Rotary partners, District and Club websites. AAll websites are interrelated through a sophisticated network of streamlined and well composed architecture.
  • Keeping 'local content' for 'local communities' within each club website.
  • Having the Rotary International brand and style guide consistently applied across all digital assets for the organisation.
  • Having access to a CMS to manage the flow and relevance of content across 1400 websites. A current problem is that if the person responsible for the website in a club leaves (or is deceased) others cannot access the content and the website goes stale unfortunately perpetuating the perception that Rotary is 'old' and 'out of date'. AThis is the current failure in the legacy processes, systems and club management strategies that are having a negative impact on Rotary.
  • Setting up SEO Strategies that are competitive to attract new Members who are relevant to Rotary's core values, thus making them more likely to commit to their membership for the long term.
  • Setting up API's from RI to streamline systems and avoid duplication of data/logins/passwords all of this currently leads to confusion and mismanagement of Club and District information in the public domain.
  • Bringing the business intelligence and website traffic analytics into one system. This will provide the necessary statistics to successfully negotiate with corporate partners on the audience reach and engagement of partnering with Rotary.
  • Being able to manage the return on investment for each dollar spent on the digital communications rather than continued wastage of funds on multiple systems that do not work harmoniously together.
  • Bringing in long-term corporate partnerships where mutual benefits are negotiated and committed to by both parties.
  • Creating a pilot model and digital ecosystem that can be duplicated across other countries.
How is this sustainable?
  • By setting up a funded structure and framework around the One Rotary Communications team and having the support of Rotary International, Rotary Clubs and Districts across Australia buy in to the vision.
  • Corporate sponsors and partners expect professionally managed websites and operations that will enhance their brand in the community. Providing Rotary sets up the CMS and keeps high standards across the editorial and visual content, corporate partners will recognise the social value of being associated with the significant and global brand of Rotary.
  • By ensuring that very important decisions for the long-term future viability of Rotary are not determined by egoas of people appointed to short term positions. It is important that Communications for Rotary in Australia are managed by an experienced digital media team (as it is already done in the RI office in Chicago) and that the right people are appointed with demonstrated media, digital and social experience managing large corporate and global brands.

What is not success?

  • confirmed by the continuing decline in membership statistics and the average age of the current Rotarian.
  • Appointing people not experienced in digital or communications to manage digital and communications of a significantly large, dynamic and global brand.
  • Remaining in the same state as the past 3 years with no strategy or team to move towards success in 2020Remaining on the current path

iVvy selected as chosen platform

Posted on 23 November 2017
iVvy selected as chosen platform

Based on the follow up presentation on the Gold Coast with Stephen Los and Ellissa Nolan, they have advised that iVvy is the best platform they have seen for Rotary Australia. The platform is already built and in use by over 5,000 customers, and they have franchisee experience which suits our branding approach. Group buying power has also made the price competitive, with no other provider offering a better cost for build or annual fees. No contracts have been signed, but we will be moving forward with iVvy as our recommended partner in this project.



Scoping the Digital Communications Solution

Posted on 2 October 2017
Scoping the Digital Communications Solution
  • A robust, purpose-built Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that will help us manage and grow an Australia-wide database.
  • A customized, responsive Content Management System (CMS) with a dedicated server that will host the primary Rotary website and 1,400+ Club websites
  • A website scoping document for potential providers, that incorporates the functions and requirements of all five major Rotary websites.
  • Our web developers will scope the Rotary International website functionality and access their Application Programming Interface (API), so one login can be used for Rotary International and your own District, and the databases can work together.
  • We will seek a partnership with iVvy, the event management online system or similar.
  • Develop a corporate and business Social Entrepreneur Program, giving us access to lucrative fundraising dollars.
  • Expand on RI's Global Rewards Program through partnerships with providers of travel, stationery, hospitality, banking, motor vehicle products, health insurance, cruise lines, retail clothing, furniture and airline products and services.
  • Design a website that allows us to showcase the projects of our largest Rotary entities such as RAWCS, The Rotary Foundation, Australian Rotary Health, ROMAC and RDU.