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Scoping the Digital Communications Solution

Posted on 2 October 2017
Scoping the Digital Communications Solution
  • A robust, purpose-built Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that will help us manage and grow an Australia-wide database.
  • A customized, responsive Content Management System (CMS) with a dedicated server that will host the primary Rotary website and 1,400+ Club websites
  • A website scoping document for potential providers, that incorporates the functions and requirements of all five major Rotary websites.
  • Our web developers will scope the Rotary International website functionality and access their Application Programming Interface (API), so one login can be used for Rotary International and your own District, and the databases can work together.
  • We will seek a partnership with iVvy, the event management online system or similar.
  • Develop a corporate and business Social Entrepreneur Program, giving us access to lucrative fundraising dollars.
  • Expand on RI's Global Rewards Program through partnerships with providers of travel, stationery, hospitality, banking, motor vehicle products, health insurance, cruise lines, retail clothing, furniture and airline products and services.
  • Design a website that allows us to showcase the projects of our largest Rotary entities such as RAWCS, The Rotary Foundation, Australian Rotary Health, ROMAC and RDU.