Platform Technology

Q: Who is iVvy?
Q: Will iVvy be building the platform?
Q: Will we need a new URL?
Q: Will we lose control of our website?
Q: How will this affect the current Rotary communications volunteers?
Q: Do we still have to keep our own member details up to date?
Q: The RI database is currently shared down and not back up, will this happen with iVvy?
Q: What is involved with the content migration process?
Q: What happens to our old website?
Q: Can we still create web pages for Multi-District projects and manage them together?
Q: Will we be able to still have the Rotary Marketplace?
Q: Can we register attendance of meetings and send reminders?
Q: Is there a member history?
Q: Will the advertising create conflict with existing partners?
Q: Can social media be published to the homepage?
Q: Does it support MYOB and Xero?
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